Chauffeur Hire Services
in Enfield and London


Staying in the ever stylish and ever elegant city of London, you come across countless occasions when you need to hire sophisticated chauffeur services. There are special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries when you need to give that special one the most royal treatment. Then there are critical times when you have to receive your clients or go for an official meeting with your supplier when your status needs to be portrayed in the perfect way.

Understanding the high degree of importance that these occasions hold, Bee Chauffeured, London, offers you the best chauffeur hire service that you could ever get. Our chauffeurs are well educated, well trained, experienced and courteous, which makes our chauffeur hire service, the best in London. And yes, they are punctual as well. Something that Londoners are very particular about is time and so our chauffeurs are conscious of this at all times.

We are humans and movement is as necessary for us as any other thing. Well, for Bee Chauffeured, all we can say is, we meet your need to move in the best possible way.

corporate-hospitality-01Whatever your choice we have a travel service designed to provide you and your clients with a 1st class end to end experience. Show your clients who how much you value them…our hospitality travel services will enable you to give your clients a high-quality experience from start to finish, whatever your chosen event. This means from the time of picking them up from the airport to dropping them back at the airport to see them off, our corporate chauffeur driven car will be by their side constantly to meet all their commuting needs.

Furthermore, our spacious and luxurious chauffeur driven vehicles will provide you with the optimum networking opportunity whilst we deliver you seamlessly to and from your event in every corner of London. Our professional capability and corporate experience will ensure you are well represented to your clients. Our corporate chauffeurs are well educated, well trained, experienced and courteous. In addition, they are as aware of value of time for you as you are yourself. So this also exudes in them the virtue of punctuality in its highest form, saving you from even a single embarrassing situation of delayed arrival or departure services of your corporate chauffeur hire car in front of your client.

Our pre-event planning service will take all the hassle away and leave you to focus on the critical factor… your client. Our flexible approach will mean that last-minute changes of requirements will be catered for where practically possible, so your event stays on track.

If you still need anything else, our corporate chauffeur hire services will look after your demands as much as possible. For us, nothing is more important than You!

executive-travel-01Travel in true executive style to meetings with our business travel solutions. With our executive cars, we will make sure that you get the best return on your precious travel time in the busy city of London. Don’t waste time in your busy schedule. With our office on the move you can hold on-board meetings, use our free on-board WiFi facilities to power your laptops/mobile phones and work on.

Would you choose to conduct your private business in front of others? Of course not … unlike train or air travel our temporary office space, in the form of executive chauffeur driven car, provides you with an exclusive and peaceful environment in which to work effectively and in complete privacy.

Public transport is OK… if all your offices, clients and suppliers happen to be located adjacent to major airports or train stations and you enjoy waiting around at airports and standing on cold train station platforms. Our travel solutions will take you from meeting to meeting, door to door, to client, to supplier all in a day’s work; making sure you get maximum value from your day.

How important are your client relationships? Unlike many other transport providers the calibre of our chauffeurs will match the quality of our vehicles, enabling us to deliver a superior travel experience to you. Apart from excelling at their job of driving, which, by the way, is outstandingly smooth and swift, our executive chauffeurs, are well educated, courteous, punctual and highly presentable.

Being in the executive chauffeur hire car industry for a long time, we also have experience in both the SME and Corporate marketplaces and will therefore, professionally represent your business and your brand when hosting you and/or your client. Our reliability pledge will ensure you are collected on time and our on-board satellite navigation will help us deliver you as planned to your destination. We know you are particular about a certain model or a certain brand and so along with other luxuries our executive chauffeur hire car services also give you the luxury of choice.

special-occasion-01All our chauffeur driven services are delivered in immaculately presented vehicles oozing luxury, style and class, by professional chauffeurs. We will turn your social event into a truly special occasion with our chauffeur driven car hire service. Our stylish range of luxury vehicles and uniformed chauffeurs will add a touch of class to your big day.

Start your evening out at your favourite restaurant or the theatre in style. Our special occasion chauffeur hire services include fully uniformed and extremely sophisticated chauffeurs who will deliver a level of service specially reserved for very important people like you.

Let us help you celebrate a birthday or anniversary. Your celebration will have a touch of class from the moment you step out of your house. A member of our team, your courteous and sophisticated special occasion chauffeur will escort you to your special occasion car and give you the smoothest ride to your planned venue. Then after you have celebrated that special day to your heart’s full, he will be there to take you back to your abode too, adding a wondrous end to a wondrous day.

If you’re organising a surprise for family or a friend, let us help make sure your plans go off with a bang! Our special occasion chauffeur driven car will be there at your desired venue at the exact time, leaving no possibility for your plan to become one of those which is ruined because of untimely transport service. Arrive in style at the Races. Enjoy time with friends and family in our ’relaxation room on the move’. The space, comfort and luxury available on-board in our special occasion cars provides you with the perfect carriage to make your Race trip to distant country sides of London, a truly memorable occasion.

We will provide you with a luxury carriage for evenings out, day trips and weekend breaks. And so that you could concentrate only on fun, with no scope service costs to dampen your cheerful mood, we keep our special occasion chauffeur and car hire services at one of the most competitive rates. Wherever life takes you… let us make your journey the start of your experience.


An exclusive chauffeur driven car hire service for the discerning client. Bee Chauffeured are leaders in the field of professional chauffeuring. We offer the finest VIP chauffeur and car hire service in our luxurious vehicles which is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our high quality service is flexibly built around your individual needs and will be delivered wherever you are, and whenever you need it.

Confidentiality and privacy is guaranteed. Our chauffeurs are carefully selected for their discretion and ability to manage delicate situations in a careful, calm and professional manner thereby ensuring that your travel experience is a 1st class one from end-to-end. Their integrity are also well looked into and only when they are found to be credible enough do we hire them as our chauffeurs for your VIP guests.

What more, unlike other VIP car hire service in London, the chauffeurs for VIPs of Bee Chauffeured know about a lot more than just their job. They have a decent level of education which makes them presentable enough in front of your VIP guests. In addition they are known for their sophisticated and courteous manner and neat personality which brings for you, tons of accolades from your guest, for your transport services.

Our fleet of vehicles are selected to meet your standards as a VIP. All vehicles are top of their class; with unmatched comfort and space that you and your VIP guests deserve. With both vehicles and chauffeurs carefully selected for their highest quality, we are building a reputation in VIP chauffeur driven car hire services which is based on service excellence at competitive prices.